Extract Powder Products

Our extensive portfolio of liquid and dried extract is used in pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, foods, beverages, and cosmetics as main ingredients or natural additives. We offer both ready made products and customized products that are specifically designed to meet customer requests.

Extract Powder are perfectly soluble on the water.

Extract Power Products
COCONUT EXTRACT POWDERBEU-CCN.001.4Cocos nuciferaFood & Cosmetics
TURMERIC EXTRACT POWDERBEU-KYT.002.4Curcuma longaFood & Cosmetics
CURCUMA EXTRACT POWDERBEU-CCM.002.4Curcuma xanthorrhizaFood & Cosmetics
GUAVA LEAF EXTRACT POWDERBEU-GVA.002.4Psidium guajayaFood & Cosmetics
HIBISCUS EXTRACT POWDERBEU-HBS.002.4Hibiscus sabdariffaFood & Cosmetics
KAFFIR LIME POWDERBEU-KFR.001.4Citrus hystrixFood & Cosmetics
PANDAN EXTRACT POWDERBEU-PDN.001.4Pandanus amarylifoliusFood & Cosmetics
TAMARIND EXTRACT POWDERBEU-TMR.001.4Tamarindus indicaFood & Cosmetics