All Ground Powder Products

Made from natural Indonesian ingredients, our products are derived from many parts of the plant such as: bark, buds, flowers, fruits, leaves, rhizomes, roots, and seeds. With character partially soluble powder, grounded products are used for flavor, aroma, color and preservation of food and beverages.
ALOE VERA POWDER BEU-ALV.001.4 Aloe barbadensis Food & Cosmetics
AVOCADO POWDER BEU-AVD.001.4 Persea gratissima Food & Cosmetics
AVOCADO SEED POWDER # 40 BEU-AVD.002.4 Persea gratissima Food & Cosmetics
AVOCADO SEED POWDER # 20 BEU-AVD.003.4 Persea gratissima Food & Cosmetics
AVOCADO SEED POWDER # 60 BEU-AVD.004.4 Persea gratissima Food & Cosmetics
AVOCADO SEED POWDER # 30 BEU-AVD.005.4 Persea gratissima Food & Cosmetics
BANANA POWDER BEU-BNA.001.4 Musa acuminate coll Food & Cosmetics
CENTELLA ASIATICA POWDER BEU-CLA.001.4 Centella asiatica Food & Cosmetics
COCONUT SLICE DRIED BEU-CCN.002.4 Cocos nucifera Food
COCONUT FLAKES BEU-CCN.003.4 Cocos nucifera Food
ROASTED COCONUT BEU-CCN.004.4 Cocos nucifera Food
COFFEE ROBUSTA SCRUB # 20 BEU-CFE.001.4 Coffea canephora Cosmetics
COFFEE ROBUSTA SCRUB # 40 BEU-CFE.002.4 Coffea canephora Cosmetics
COFFEE ROBUSTA SCRUB # 60 BEU-CFE.003.4 Coffea canephora Cosmetics
CUCUMBER POWDER BEU-CCB.001.4 Cucumis sativus L Food & Cosmetics
CURCUMA POWDER BEU-CCM.001.4 Curcuma xanthorrhiza Food & Cosmetics
CURCUMA HEYNEANA POWDER BEU-CCH.001.4 Curcuma heyneana Food & Cosmetics
GARLIC POWDER BEU-GLC.001.4 Allium sativum Food
GRAPE POWDER BEU-GRP.001.4 Vitis vinivera Food & Cosmetics
GREEN TEA POWDER BEU-GRT.001.4 Camelia sinensis Food & Cosmetics
GUAVA LEAF POWDER BEU-GVA.001.4 Psidium guajaya Food & Cosmetics
HIBISCUS POWDER BEU-HBS.001.4 Hibiscus sabdariffa Food & Cosmetics
JACKFRUIT LEAF POWDER BEU-JFT.001.4 Artocarpus heterophyllus Food & Cosmetics
KAEMPFERIA GALANGA POWDER BEU-GLA.001.4 Kaempferia galangal Food & Cosmetics
KAFFIR LIME LEAF POWDER BEU-KLF.001.4 Citrus hystrix Food & Cosmetics
LEMONGRASS SLICE BEU-LGS.001.4 Cymbopogon citratus Food & Cosmetics
LEMONGRASS POWDER BEU-LGS.002.4 Cymbopogon citratus Food & Cosmetics
LENGKUAS POWDER BEU-ALG.001.4 Alpinia galangal Food & Cosmetics
MANGO POWDER BEU-MGO.001.4 Mangifera indica Food & Cosmetics
PAPAYA POWDER BEU-PPY.001.4 Carica papaya Food & Cosmetics
PINEAPPLE POWDER BEU-PNL.001.4 Ananas comosus Food & Cosmetics
RICE SCRUB # 20 BEU-RCE.001.4 Oryza sativa Cosmetics
RICE SCRUB # 40 BEU-RCE.002.4 Oryza sativa Cosmetics
RICE SCRUB # 60 BEU-RCE.003.4 Oryza sativa Cosmetics
RICE SCRUB # 10 BEU-RCE.004.4 Oryza sativa Cosmetics
RICE SCRUB # 30 BEU-RCE.005.4 Oryza sativa Cosmetics
SEAWEED POWDER WHITE BEU-SWD.001.4 Eucheuma seaweed Food & Cosmetics
SEAWEED POWDER GREEN BEU-SWD.002.4 Eucheuma seaweed Food & Cosmetics
STRAWBERRY POWDER BEU-STW.001.4 Fragaria vesca Food & Cosmetics
TURMERIC POWDER BEU-KYT.001.4 Curcuma longa Food & Cosmetics
WARU LEAF POWDER BEU-WRU.001.4 Hibiscus tiliaceus Food & Cosmetics
YAM BEAN POWDER BEU-YBE.001.4 Pachyrhizus erosus Food & Cosmetics